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Hey, when I entered the new Londo ruins after exiting blight town. I fell through the floor into a grey area and kept falling till I died. This has happened twice. Also I noticed that if I die in the valley of the drakes the game doesn't load again till I restart it. Another thing that happens is if I fall into the grey area as I enter new Londo ruins and quit and restart before I die. The game doesn't load and when I restart it there is an infinite loading screen loop and the game doesn't start. Im playing it on an old 360 and am seriously considering getting the remaster for the PS4. I've already lost a 45 hour playthrough once don't want to repeat a game for the 3rd time unless its to play Ng+
When I reach a certain place in Sen’s fortress, almost all walls and elements of the map will disappear (except monsters and objects like chest and pots). The bug seems to trigger when I reach the room just after the first lizard man mage, where there's another lizard man sleeping against a wall. Sometimes, this wall will be down, as if a boulder destroyed it. When it happens, everything is gone behind it, and the rest of the map suddenly do the same. Enemies still attack me normally, but every traps are not working. As soon as I get out of the fortress everything turns back to normal.
If Super Orenstein does his grab attack and then electrocutes the player in the left corner of the room next to the door, he could glitch through the wall and instantly die. It is then impossible to get his ring until the next play through.
Dunno if this is a bug or not, but I just started a new DSr game on PS4 and am doing a bit of farming between Firelink Shrine and where the Taurus Demon was. I've noticed that if I walk all the way back, the enemies in Firelink respawn without me having rested at a bonfire. I'm on App ver 1.03, Reg ver 1.02. Anyone else notice this?
Yes I noticed the same happenning. Perhaps they devs did it intentionally to simulate the undead respawning(?)
It's not a glitch or a bug, when loading in a new area the game resets all the events that could happen in that area, broken items and enemies are restored to the default state. The reason for this is that the area loads but the enemies will not respawn until you step in the area. Look up a YouTube channel called Boundary Break and they show the mechanics of how Dark Souls loads in areas.
I just downloaded Dark Souls 3 and now whenever I try to load or continue a game, it keeps me at the loading screen and doesn't go away. Is this a glitch or is it related to my wifi?
Another Wrong game. This is Dark Souls 1.
When playing on offline mode in dark souls 1 there is an instance where if you quit and reload the game when you are killed you start from where you died and not the bonfire.
In firelink shrine I cannot see anything. There’s no people, no stones to read, no path to follow. Please help.
Have the same bug - was locking here for a solution...
I'm by the distant manor bonfire and when I go down past the knight and continue to the spiral staircase, I fall through and die
This is DS1 wiki and I don't know anywhere called the distant manor



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Frampit haha


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Frampit haha
If you stand on the balcony after the dukes archives cell area if you look up you’ll see a small door in the air