Am I the only one who feels like human (e.g. non-demon) bosses cheat with their stamina to some extent? It is not so noticeable for the most part, but the bossfight with him is pure cancer because of this, it is very prevalent. When I or a normal enemy runs out of stamina and the red bar begins flashing, it means 2 things: they cannot pull off complex moves and one more attack and they are stunned, AND that one more hit taken and they surely will be stunned. This works for all enemies, except him. When his stamina bar is flashing red he either gets in a super-slicey-combo without problem AND without staggering afterwards (which at least would have made the fight more tolerable, if cheesy), or when I hit him (no matter the weapon, tonfa, spear, etc, same effect in his case) while his stamina bar is flashing, he simply does not get staggered. For a time, I thought my weapons did f*ck-all ki damage, but the tonfas are one of the best in that regard. Also, the last straw for me was when his bar was flashing red and I hit him with a full 3-hit-combo from my tonfas (going in a lil' daring, knowing that this'll stagger him), and after I finished the combo (all 3 hits connected, he was not blocking) he just shrugged and attacked me straight up and I died on the spot. I'm all for the feeling and the backstory of this fight: dueling with a legendary samurai, I get it, he SHOULD be super OP (I don't have problems with his tons of DPS, fast attacks, lots of 1-hit-kill attacks, and so on), but at least he should abide by the same laws that every enemy and the player plays by. I love Nioh's feeling and bosses, but this one just gives me pure AIDS, solely because of the fact that he does not give a rat's arse about the rules.
Took me two *****ing hours too take him in a straight duel using dual swords. Though by the first 15 minutes i could more or less consistently get him to his 3rd phase. His dash attacks have a certain distance, so if you are on the move and far enough not only do his dash attacks miss but it gives you an opportunity to step in and hit him twice ( same for all his attacks, even the lightning doggo). if i had the majority of ki id ram on him till his finished and i got a final blow on him. 3rd phase though is where the scripting changes. He stops getting staggered for*****, the sure fire way is to counter his dash attacks ala phase 1. If you get greedy and try to hit him during his other attacks and get the timing wrong you will get punished and die. The only really annoying thing i found in this fight was that even with his ki depleted he kept rolling and then as soon as i was in a postion to hit him i got an arrow to the face (the biggest cause of my defeat most of the time) and in phase three that is dangerous if you're low on ki. So the easiest way is to maintain mid range distance and keep moving in circles around himand when he does his sheath attacks,if you have enough space to back up into you're golden. Though you have to have the requiste skill to pull this of and its not a high win rate strategy because it requires a lot of focus.
well it took a lot of time for me to do this so here's some tips 1.the boss attacks are insanely strong and very hard to dodge no point in dueling him really 2.use ranged weapon to headshot him then dash and slam him and hit him again after he get's up u can do 30-50% of his hp to him doing this 3. i think the best weapon is AXE/HAMMER a high stance quick attack into strong attack combo can eat must of his Ki and knock him down 4.use the big stone to avoid his sheath and dogo attacks he can't get to u if u juke him around it u can also wait till the lightning buff of his weapon run out since he can 1 shot with it or u can cancel it with ninjutsu if ure quick enough just before he cast it best time to attack is after a sheath running attack 5. if his out of ki and ure faraway use ninjutsu to stun him don't get too close
Can his goddamn quickdraw attack be parried?
I honestly want to know this. I started to notice on WotS that out of all his moves the only one I couldn't block if I really screwed up was the full-charge Iai, which is bull*****honestly. I'm fine with a human opponent that has a mirror moveset etc. but I know for a fact that my iai can be blocked so there's no reason his shouldn't be able to be as well.