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Dear god, this guy If i didnt encounter him the first time i got to belfry sol, i wouldnt have know about him, ***** is wrong with you, B Team?


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does he only spawn if u join bell cov only??
Bought this game in 2016, at that point the vanilla ps3 player community was on its way out. First DS game. Love the series now, even own demon's. Finally got my platinum this week and all I have to say is screw this guy. Only-invading-when-he-feels-like-it *** loser in a walmart predator costume
RIP in pasta, Mad Warrior. You died for our invisible weapons.
The first time I defeated him the rank went up, but then I defeated him like 5-6 times and the rank doesn't seem to go up. Is it a bug?
From my understanding, to reach rank 3, you need 100 kills that go towards progress for the covenant. That first time you killed him may have been the last point you needed to go up a rank, but now you may need a lit more kills.
What's with all of this speculation and confirmation bias on this page? If you don't have proof that something arbitrary like killing all the Bell Keepers or increasing your item discovery increases the spawnrate then don't list it here, especially not as if it's a fact. And no, tests that have a very small sample sizes and weren't even recorded don't count. The only thing I can actually see boosting the spawnrate is the Delicate String, everything else seems like nonsense.
Everyone thinks they’re Vaati.
The Unveil method works really well!
The unveil method does not work on XBOX 360 1.00 version. Not sure if its the version or the platform that is the issue since I cant find confirmation that it works on other versions on xbox 360. I even stood as close as possible without agroing him and used unveil and it just went straight up. So I have a feeling he's not flagged as the same type of enemy in 1.00.
I did not rank up after defeating The Mad warrior while in the covenant, why not?
People complaining about this grind haven't suffered the silver knights of anor londo. P.s. unveil method works ps4 when u cast when u walk in belfry sol
I spent 8 hours farming the silver knights for Proofs and I'd rather do it again than have to farm this covenant lmao