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These are literally the worst designed enemies in all of dark souls. They're not a fun challenge like other hard enemies, they're just annoying and punish you for playing any way but ranged.
Spooky scary hedgehogs send shiver down your spine shrieking spikes will drain your hp and seal your doom tonight
The philosophy of the souls game is that any damage can be avoided No matter the build . These *****ers? These arent part of that philosophy.
Best example for untalented designing
These motherf###ers are like the Konchus in Monster Hunter, but even worse.
bone skeleton v2.0*
NG++ they are stronger than bosses. If you take a direct hit, you'll die because you can't control. Especially the red ones!
Plus the red ones go faster.
These are the stupidest designed enemies in this game. Worse than the bone skeletons, at least those guys looked interesting. These are literally some deviantart idea of a "demon hedgehog"
Ice Danica. Imagine if they were in the frigid outskirts.
*Sanics. I wish I could turn off autocorrect!
You can turn off autocorrect pretty easily
Shh... do you hear that? That sounds like you need to GIT GUD and kill them by poking them twice with a +10 rapier or +10 mace. I beat sharron with +6 mace in iron keep at SL 56. These guys are clearly easier.