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What a weird weapon choice. LMFAO
Especially considering how wild the challenge is to unlock it lol. Gotta beat the Hellfire Knight with no damage and no item usage AND use only the pipe of thralldom?? Insane lol
It's for mnd build. Because it's light, mnd build use skill buff attack base on mnd stat only, so they use light weapon bad scale for better blood veil
Despite this being an easy boss for aot of people I sturggle with him so much, this has to be one of my hardest achivements but I'll do it!
It’s not an easy boss, people are just lying, as always.
Hannibal wannabe aside, any tips for the no damage part ? I did him like 8 times in a row, still haven't manage the challenge without taking any damage
maybe bamco thought its funny or tried to make a meme with all this dlc pipes?



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It's probably a joke at how people do no-damage-soul-level-1-broken-weapons-runs in Dark Souls.
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So...is there some kind of hidden part about this thing which makes it worth to get it, or is it just a reskin with fire damage?