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Unfortunately he is one of the toughest fights in the game and all you get is a very powerful high rank insect glaive set that is garbage the moment you enter iceborn with only half of the armor all the masterrank sets offer....... so sad. You will have no issue to fight the first monsters with the set however during the high crit buff leading to solid 100+ damage hits on the weakspots even with the rather weak dragon element attacks (MR Enemys are quite resistant to that element) So you can choose between enough defense to survive their attacks or the buffs that actually will make combat easier. I really hope for an armor update in the future.
Extreme behemoth gives you a layered version of the armor and there is now an event (not using the behemoth)to upgrade the insect glaive to the highest level for iceborn along with many other event only weapons.
You need to remember that this was a monster that was put in the game a good while before iceborne came out, and obviously wouldn't be catered to Iceborne. The Insect Glaive wasn't the best for sure in base game but the armor was meta-defining. Obviously now that Iceborne is out, it's not good for MR hunts, just like everything else from base game.
Ah, Behemoth, The anjanath of the elders recess
That would be deviljho. Behemoth is just something entirely different.
Your greatest nightmare
He is no match for XenoJIVA
If you don't have enough behemoth manes/behemoth bones, just go solo and have your palico with plunderblade and just whistle for plunderblade/palarang until you get them, the other resources like shearclaws and tails have to be obtained from actually fighting him till the parts break, as for the horn, if you need them, go the the melder with gold wyverian print (just do limited bounties that award it) and exchange it for the horns you need, and the crystals are rewarded from the fight afterwards, and can't be farmed via plunderblade.
>run PUG because I need 1 f**king crystal for the gae boi. >host mr 14, hr 45: better than most >in comes god amongst virgins: mr 546, hr 999 >"Easy win," I think >first phase: virgin god dies >"Alright***** happens," I think >second phase: virgin god dies to meteor; he didn't run for cover >"Okay dude, what's going on?" >final phase, meteor casting, run for cover, but see virgin god pressing his assault >"We're *****ed," >virgin god smoked to ashes, duty failed, behemoth topples behind me kneeling in agonized depression >how the *****?
guys help me to kill him for once!
so my team all left after one failed meteor and we had 2 lives left, so im fighting it solo and it goes to volcano and i fight it for a bit and it meteors and i die, ok pretty normal right? I walk back and he heals 7 times instantly while roaring AND drops a meteor. I survive. he heals twice and meteors AGAIN. NOT EVEN ONE MINUTE BETWEEN THEM! i obviously fail. Gamertag CDCBR3
16 hr farm behemoth is easy, just short quest by relief flare, find a behemoth quest with 14>mins, join in and stay afk near the final zone, and carve behemoth tail.When the Japanese dudes finally beat him go to carve behemoth say "thanks" and leave. (More effective in Saturday and recommended menu skill that let you carve one more time)
What a lil ***** haha
Yeah it's real fun when you do what the game tells you to do and you still die to the one hit, real good stuff shatcom
Maybe you're just bad at the game in general then.