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So, No magic user armor
The goldenboy set has lightning damage buff.
There is the Genmei Onmyo set that gives u the same bonuses as master of illusion set but for onmyo magic. Unfortunatlly u only get it at mid-end game.
There are 2 great sets for casters, Genmei Onmyo and Onmyo Warrior. The game is out for 1 week now, every "guide" is missing a lot of information about the game, especially when it comes to ng+ content.
As a tonfa user this statement offends me. There are several sets dedicated to magic. I am in Ng+ and have yet to see a single dedicated tonfa or switch glaive set.


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As other stated Genmei Onmyo is best for mages because of +15% untouched onmyo bonus and lowering defense when onmyo hits, which is imho most important for dedicated mage. Earlier in game you can use Onmyo hunting armor for extra magic power and Temper some Untouch onmyo into it. Combine it with Black Fox or White fox mask and you can be beast. Onmyo warrior is nice too, but only giving a bit of onmyo power buff, rest is geared to melee, imho not good enough for dedicated mage. Also Firestarter is not bad for dedicated firemage, even better combining it with Enenra mask.. Ferryman can keep water mage alive quite nicely. We really shouldn't overlook "common" armor.
so sad, they have nerfed everything! the worst of all is the new Yokai shift, prefer the old living weapon where you could use you fav weapons and gears...
I wish you could pick between the two, and switch whenever you wanted.
I assume Living weapon will be coming back in the dlc, theres some ethereal set bonuses for living weapon still in the code of the game
Too bad theres not an armor set specifically for odachi or tonfa
I'm pretty sure the moonprayer set has an Odachi buff
It's because they were DLC weapons in the first Nioh and 90% of the armors in Nioh 2 were just copy/pasted from the base game
Onmyo warrior has an odachi as part of the set. So far there are no armour sets dedicated to tonfa or switch glaive. As for the DLC armour comment, there are some sets that made it through such as the One eyed dragon and sanada's crimson set. It's pretty blatant of them to put in those sets and not add any of the sets that were introduced for the new weapon types.
Too many Spear sets
Second only to sword (katana) sets
Nerf poisom
Use antidote. Congratulations.
Get lost hitler
Do set bonuses still include secondary weapons? (AKA Can I equip a weapon and not use it for the set bonus?)
Yes. Also works for Ranged Weapons (Warrior of West Bow / Ravenwing Rifle)
How do i get ruler of the riverside yokai armor set
You gotta beat aqua man korokoru in a match
you can farm it from the mission Japanese heart Yokai smart in 6th region