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Putting the boss in a field of waist-high grass with various hills is a very artistic choice. It's also inexcusable ineptitude on the part of the game designers, given their various *****ups with the camera. Being hit by an attack that was obscured from view is artifical difficulty. Bad boss. Almost as inexcusably awful as the demon of hatred, or the guardian ape's first stage. Someone needs to find out who made the choice and punch them repeatedly.
mad cuz bad
There not bad bosses your just mad because you suck at the game
Frustrated chimp, perfect game
I thought Demon of Hatred was a good one, though pretty hard.
The grass doesn't block visibility of his attacks. I'd know because I can beat him without getting hit once. Stay mad.
Somebody is gonna die tonight by my gu...hand
I know I'm gonna get hate for this but I just killed him first time. Yeah I watched the whole video strategy but I am in honest disbelief. Bare in mind it took me the whole of an evening to kill Demon of Hatred


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I believe it. If you go for a full boss run you would be pretty adept by the time you get to this guy.
Why does this dude keep talking about 'da feet?'
Jesus Christ I thought Hirata Estate Owl was hard.
There is one huge problem with this fight: it's way too easy to cheese. Just run around and wait for some attack windows and get a hit or two in. Yes, it's going to take a while, but for the easily frustrated and those who just want to beat the game - it works.
Yeah that's correct my man. I mean of you wanted to do 1 vs 1 clean you can, bit you can also play in a more submissive playstile. One trains your reflexes, the other your patience
I hate to say it but over 100 hours on my first run through unlocked everyskill I can but I just cant beat this guy, never played a game that has defeated me let alone this many times
Insert long essay here
Love this bossfight, my only issue with it is the tediousness of getting there:
Run down hallway
Load cutscene
Skip cutscene
Kill Genichiro as warmup
Load cutscene
Skip cutscene
Beat first phase fairly easily
Die in 2 hits in second phase within a couple seconds
Start over