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When do you fight nargacuga?
He’s the 5th fight, right after Barioth. You unlock his fight alongside Glavenus
Time to bring in Silverwind and Lucent Nargacugas
Illogically fast and agile, far too much HP for its size, and busted hit-boxes / collisions: Welcome to Crapcom's Iceborne: Artificial Difficulty Edition.
every monster moves around illogically
He is one my fav fights. He is very simple once you learn him
You literally fight Barioth before narg and you had that much trouble bro?
Go play MH4U and then you will really be a broken human being. You do not know suffering heathen
What does "Artificial Difficulty" even mean? It's not like these things occur in nature and this is a faithful representation.
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When are the games going to get around to bringing back the Green Nargacuga (and updating it to be more unique)? Or for that matter, Lucy. It isn't like World has the same excuse Gen / GU have of not adding subspecies (though they were fine with Rare Species and still ignored Lucy)... It feels like forever since I last saw Green Narga in a main MH game (though it got a little love in Stories).
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Uses the occasional ice tornado, but that isn't talked about
Sorry wrong one. I got myself killed because I mixed up the pages.
Does he really have the bleeding ailment ? fought him twice now and he didn't inflicted it in any attack
when he throws feathers at you, if you get hit you get the bleeding effect
For flying wyverns like him, would the lbg be good?
Bleeding is caused by when he shoots out the tail spikes, its pretty rare that he inflicts it but it happens.
I have never found this guy, in both places, maybe I just have to get ahead in the story
It is a monster outside of the base game the only way to fight it is to have iceborne