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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Why are you reading the comments for this?
No comment
Why are you reading the replies for this comment?
Why are you*****
the real questions is, why are you commenting
why do we exist
Why are you commenting on the reading for this?
try finger but hole
try tongue but hole
Try rear
I don't know I'm scared
To know where I can reliably farm them
To meet hot knights in my area
2018/2019 comments for a 2012 game... real mature.
it got remastered u silly goose
"Real mature"? Is pretending the world didn't exist a year ago somehow a hallmark in maturity? I guess that's how you justify yourself buying every CoD they***** out.
1. That’s ironic 2. People are still playing the game
Man I’m playing this for the first time and all the way to the drakes with one +3 and one +2 weapon and haven’t seen a single titanite she’d in a long time. Good thing I looked it up and realized that I need to back track and get this really rare drop.



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Really rare drop? What do you mean?
The rarest drop in the game
current year!