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It's the londor/Vilhelms set
just ignore the*****pants and it's great fashion souls


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Slave knight set with the Vilhelm helm. Take a look at the boots, gauntlets, pauldrons and the gold patterns on the helmet.
Remember to change your clothes regularly, skeleton! Especially if your pants are full of the "misery of flight"


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Pairs well with corvian gear due to the black and gold. Just don't go online, both of them get enough salt alone.
What a shame it looks cool but of course the casuals use it well I guess it’s back to the thrall hood for me
Letting stereotype prevent you from achieving personal fashion puts you below casuals
OP is a gimp idiot. The Fallen Knight set looks nice, you don't have to be a casual to appreciate it. *****ing moron.
I can just tell you probably think you're some awesome fighter PL type when you probably summon two phantoms and R1 spam
This is the armor set almost everyone is gonna use for at least half of the game, it's kinda good, kinda light and kinda cool. Since heavy armor is s**t, this is often the best option until you find your own fashion or you need a specific resistance. This armor deserves love, not hate.
In trying times, your comment really sticks out.
Yeah, until you meet a poise monster that outtrades everything while you get staggered after the second hit.
I went from lothric Knight Armor to this (I only chose it cuz it looked cool)
Go back to lothric knight armor so you won’t be mistaken for a casual
If someone wearing this set kills you, you WILL get pointed down at.
My speculation is that it is a variation of the Drakeblood Knight armor. When the Warriors of Sunlight were hunted down along with their king for allying with dragons, Drakeblood Knights (worshipers of dragons) were hunted down as well, which caused them to cloak their recognizable armor and flee.