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I killed the cauldron in the swamp level, the 3rd level, and got the crossbow.
Same it's strange
Found in swamp been looking for a higher dps version ever since the first run lol nothing beats the music it pings while pew pewing mobs
By far one of the Best bows i've found - absolutely insanely op when it comes to crowd control - especially with the multishot enchant and the exploding projectiles enchant!
I'm wondering what's the best way to farm this?? I think I got mine in Highblock Halls in the chest near the end but I'd like one that matches my level now
I found one at power lvl 76, plus multishot 3 and accelerate 3 turns it into a machine gun firing 22-54 arrows per second, plus firework arrows makes it erase everything including late game enchanted enemies in apocalypse
I got a power 108 one and it destroys everything in its path, this weapon is amazing
This thing appears to cause all 5 arrows fired to have their own independent chance to proc any enchantments it has, but it also treats each volley fired as a single arrow for artifacts. So Fireworks applies to every arrow, not just one, and with Multishot III that could be a lot of explosions.
Multishot, infinity, and chain reaction(or double shot) and this thing can 3 shot the endgame boss on the hardest difficulty with fireworks
I would recommend any enchantments that increases your arrow count(multishot),arrow damage(power/fuse shot) and extra ammo(infinity/recycling).