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Do they have any damage protection
Is this the sort of item that's taken out of your inventory upon entering a new game cycle?
Nope, you keep them
Dragon form is bad.
Like.. Really bad
As in "I wish I could trade them away with the crow" kind of bad...
I can't use them.
You need to take your armour off first... yeah i know, makes an already dumb object even more so.
Just the headpiece you're wearing, not all your armor (at least for this dragon stone).
Sage Ring does not increase the casting speed of the fire breath.
Witch's Ring does not increase the damage of the fire breath.
Fire Clutch Ring does increase the damage of the fire breath.
Makes sense, the Sage ring boosts Casting speed, not item usage speed. The Witch ring boosts Pyromancies, not items. The Fire Clutch ring increases fire damage, so yea.
Yes it does make sense usually but rings and other items make oftentimes some exceptions even when it's not explicitly written in their descriptions


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I'm reasonably sure that using dragon stones doesn't count as wearing armor in terms of absorption, making dragon stones terrible. You take 25% extra damage for each piece of armor you're NOT wearing, so wearing no armor for the dragon stones means you take 100% extra damage (it's not multiplicative), basically like wearing the calamity ring. I'm pretty sure this is the case by comparing full dragon form to full master's attire, the weakest armor in the game. I took way more damage in dragon form. Needs proper testing.
I really don't see the point in even wearing an armour since you get 1-2 shotted by enemies anyway. Just git gud.
I personally wear only the calamity ring and twinkiling dragon stones
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the normal headstone lists a D scaling in int and a C scaling in faith, i don't know about the twinkling versions though.
At least when I get it I won’t look like a disgusting piece of beef jerky because I’m hollowed, and can get some free defense for no weight at all
In NG, definitely got one somewhere before Archdragon Peak but I don't remember where.
NVM, it was probably the torso stone.
Right. So side note and something I noticed. Dying. Does NOT remove the effect. Hitting 0 HP and reloading at the bonfire REMOVES the effect. This is the important bit. As those people who use trainers, hacks or cheats to max their HP and the reason why it doesn't get removed after respawning. For a normal joe player though, dying by hitting 0 HP is as easy as jumping off a cliff and respawning. I tested this multiple times and yes I use trainers, so get off my case before I even start. I have no interest in the broken arrogant ganking PvP scene so I have never played nor will I ever play Online. My PvE experience is mine alone to enjoy how I wish. Hopefully this information gets added to the Wiki but given how old the game is and how reliable Fextra is. Eh? As a side note, if I did go online, I'd be inclined to Sunbro not ganking or invading, but it puts you into a cheaters server only where they only think of ganking. Period.
Gankin’ and spankin’