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Actually, when you fight Guardian Ape in caves, you dont have to execute it after you pull the worm out.
...Is that "love life lore" for real? No mention of demonic centipede parasite inside of him?
keep playing and pay more attention to thing you pick up. You are not done with centipedes
When you jump over the leaping slash in its headless form, do not go for a full combo as this guide suggests. The ape's windows of voulnerability are very short and it will punish you if you overextend
"Most attacks are blockable" so when i parry yet lose quarter of my health, thats considered blockable? Really?
Don’t bother parrying in phase one, block almost everything
I love how it mentions using shinobi tools during 2nd phase, like yeah I totally have those after the monkey BULL*****that was phase 1.
If you haven’t gone down towards the Ashina depths and killed the mini boss down there it drops something that gives you back 5 spirit emblems for health the cost of health
I don't know if this is a known bug but I was fighting its 2nd phase, dropped about 50% of its health and died, then I waited for a bit (didn't realize I still had a revive) and it backed off and stood still a bit far away(near the cave). I revived and got close to it to bait the sword combo but it didn't move, so I got closer and started slashing it. it just stood there until the red dot appeared and I finished the fight. (PC version btw) big cheese if reproducible
Guardian Ape is literally Wyald from Berserk...
Just realized that...
**** his first phase
I finally feel represented with this boss. Thank you, fromsoftware
God, just killed this ape, probably the most anoying boss so far, with O'Rin of the Water and Blazing Bull not far behind, honestly if every boss was just a reskin of Genichiro I wouldn't mind, that was fight was like the polar opposite from this crap.