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The Demon of Hatred is not the same as a Shura, though. The "Remnant: Hatred Demon" even makes a distinction about it. It's a shame so much effort has gone into investing this page with the wrong information. It'll be a hassle to correct it all now. :(
God Damn such a good boss. Every attack is well designed, counterable, cool looking, dynamic fight. Devastating ranged attacks to punish the passive runners. I only wish it had a 4th phase :) . All the crybabies who hate the boss because it is too hard, it is not, you just need to be aggressive all the time and learn to counter the moves. Yes you will die 100% i died like at least 10 times before learning all moves, but I enjoyed every second (almost :) )
Lol people downvoting because they suck, he had a good time, maybe you should learn too also
All the crybabies who hate the boss because it is too hard, it is not, you just need to be aggressive all the time and learn to counter the moves. Yes you will die 100% i died like at least 10 times before learning all moves, but I enjoyed every second (almost :) ). So like any other boss except this one takes a bit more time.
He's being downvoted because hes insulting people. If you had a good time then thats cool and i'm happy you liked it but when you proceed to say anyone who finds it too hard is a "Crybaby" then thats called being a *****
What a *****.
One of the reasons why I love this boss so much is because he's completely optional. Nobody asks or orders Sekiro to defeat him, he simply decides to of his own accord, either because he wants to save innocent lives, or because he wants to put the poor Sculptor to rest. Either way, it cements Sekiro as a legit HERO, and not some lawful neutral servant.
This guy gave me instant nightmare flashbacks of Flame Lurker.. One thing I'd add that I don't think I've read, in stage 3 when he does the spinning perilous attack, it is possible to get the hell outta there and escape the perimeter of the fire wall so you don't have to dodge those spins and be trapped in the fire. It's especially doable at the start of the stage because that s the first thing he does so you can get ready for it . Just be ready for him to come after you!
Demon of Hatred is not a Shura, he's literally an Oni, which is simply translated as "Demon" in English. His remnant memory even points out that Sculptor failed to become Shura so I don't get why this page implies that as a possible theory. Also in terms of Japanese mythology, Asura (the inspiration for Shura) are basically demigods/titans addicted to their passionate vices while Oni are closer to ogres/evil spectres of natural disasters. Even Wikipedia's description of an "Oni" matches what happened to Sculptor: "Accordingly, a wicked soul beyond rehabilitation transforms into an Oni after death. Only the very worst persons turn into Onis alive, and these are the Onis causing troubles among humans as presented in folk tales."


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Same anon as before, but I decided to sign up and add the details myself to help out. Also added some trivia on other pages that might help in understanding some of the Japanese lore.
Whoo! Just took this bad boy down in one day. The only boss where all my Dark Souls instincts actually helped! Now to go relearn how to parry and fight humans again and get slaughtered by Isshin XD
Thanks for the guide, it was very helpful, but in my case the demon started throwing homing fireballs after the first deathblow, not the second one. It might be bugged because I started the first fight with the demon bell active, but even after dispelling it and traveling away he kept throwing fireballs similar to those of the Shichimen Warriors during the second phase
Flamelurker and Manus’s dirty love child
As another slight hint and foreshadowing that Sculptor gives about tranforming into this demon is that after going to the Fountainhead Palace, but before defeating the Divine Dragon, the Sculptor talks about suddenly feeling that his temple is very drafty. For me this implies that he starts to feel the metaphorical winds (of violance?) that make the fire of hatred within him stronger. This leads him to lose control over that hatred and transform into ONI.
Actually it’s hinting that you can eavesdrop through one of the holes
People say this boss is the hardest thing ever, but I disagree. He took me more tries than a lot of the other bosses but I'm pretty confident I could beat him within three tries if I were to fight him on another save file, maybe even just one. It all depends on how you decide to try to fight him. If you go for the hyper agressive route you're at risk of getting smacked to death on the third phase because he starts to mix up his combos. I go hyper aggresive until phase 3 and then I just wait for him to do his double arm sweep into downwards smash. Every time he does that move you can get an almost guaranteed five to eight hits on him with no chance of him countering you due to his incredibly long animation on the final move of that particular attack. He has a few other moves that can be punished almost every time at essentially no risk to the player, like both of his jump attacks and his head smash. Demon of Hatred has 3 really dangerous moves with this method. His drag attack, his fire dance, and the move where he throws a DS3 bursting fireball. Because you want him to use his whip combo as much as possible, you want to be mid range which is basically just outside of his bursting fireball range. That move hurts though and it can be easy to ***** up and get hit by it if you're not careful. The drag attack is dangerous for obvious reasons but as long as you jump in the right direction it'll never hit you. The fire dance attack is probably the hardest to completely avoid but you can just run forward at a slight angle to dodge at least most of them, and he's open to a lot of free damage if you can get out of it unscathed. Over all it seems like a boss where you just need to be patient and memorize his startup animations. Most of his dangerous attacks can be seen coming and he has many MANY openings after he commits to one. Hope this maybe helps someone, not every boss is a parry/r1 fest.