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Can someone give me one of these?
This isn't a good place to look for trades. Try r/pumparum.
"cAn S0mE 1 giVv iT to MEE I *****ing hate this guy who wrote this
w0w thIs is 0p neRf FroM sOftWare!1111111!11!11111
Imagine if someone made a sl 13 warrior high wall twink that only leveled strength to use this weapon...
Well sir, you have just inspired my next character.
Og poster. Godspeed Anon, post here if you finish it and tell me how it performs
I did. And god damn its fun


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It's a very good weapon. Great for PvE in general and even invader will be alot more careful around you if you wield this. It's early obtainable, the knight ring is around the same area and it's a real dragon killer (Oceiros, Midir, Lothric). With Farron Ring and a simple infusion in your offhand you can use the WA regulary. 9/10
I don't think Lothric is a dragon...
Lothric isn't a dragon, but you're right. Those rings along as the lightning clutch ring is something to fear.
When he says lothric I think he means dragons in that area
Lothric is said to be an experiment from Oceiros to get an optimal Dragon heir. So either person Nr. 1 knew that or he just simply made it clear enough what he meant..
Didn't made it clear enough* excuse me.
You're excused. We appreciate your formality.
Equip the Lightning Clutch Ring, make sure to have decent FTH/STR investment on a higher NG, then bring this baby into the Deacons bossfight. Excellent mob-clearing with the weapon art!
With all due respect jerkwad, we don't need more strategies for deacons. They aren't hard.
If you dont like what he said then stfu and gtfo TOXIC trash.
"What's with all the ruckus?"
40/40 strength/dex while putting some points in faith (at least 19) can get you up to 750 ar
Oh believe me it will go much higher lol
Lmao more trash casul's slow aoe weapon? Sure why not, noobs with no skill gotta love it even though they got owned all the time with pkcs
Compensating for something being a tad too small, eh buddy?.
Oh, look. Another r1 casul who doesn t know any better
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If only this wiki (and everywhere on the internet in general) had the ability to detect peoples age, so that it could stop these children from commenting and/or replying
we meet again mr. pontiff knight curved sword
Is there anyone who ISN’T a ‘casual’ to you idiots?
Git Gud
For every usable weapon there's always this one dude who says it's "for casuls"
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