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What I like to do in the final area is to think of the area as having 3 sectors: One sector on the elevated area, and the other two on the sides where the entrances were. From experience, Raging Brachy alternates between a roar that spreads slime and the detonating roar. Knowing this, I try to keep it in one sector until it does the slime roar, then retreat to a different sector so I can avoid the puddle explosions from his second roar.
If you reached the last area you've made it. Before he explodes the slime he always casts a ton of them all at once. Thats the moment you should search a save area. And the rest is just basic Monster Hunter.
He’s so big that almost every attack has a MASSIVE AoE. For me thats the most difficult part. (Apart from the blastblight, but for that I just use the anti-blast charm)
much easier compared to F. Rajang
I've gone about a dozen aborted attempts so far and he's way harder than you'd think he would be. Everytime I knock off his slime (charge blade) I end up getting chunked in the process a second later, so you're getting punished even for doing the correct thing. Dozens of max potions down the drain too because regular pots are too slow.
If you like fighting this guy, you're a cuck.
thanks for the all the info for raging brachy whoever did this page needs a salute
I only fight this bloody thing with the insect glaive a its the only weapon I’ve managed to actually kill him with, god bless constant aerial attacks.
Got four immortal reactors in one run yesterday. It's too bad luck like this doesn't last long.
This happened with me and blackviel vaal hazak hardclaws. Got 4 in one run after not getting any for a bit.
This happened with me too... never
Zero immortal reactors after 10-12 kills. Also side note since it's not listed, if you're having issues with removing the slime, use pods. Specifically the puddle pods or bomb/piercing pods. They'll instantly remove the slime on his hands and head. This will significantly reduce his damage output until he reapplies them from a safe distance.