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Tip for beating Lunastra/Teostra quest, solo (Assumming you can solo each of them) - Pull Lunastra to a different area from Teostra and beat her first. Because Teostra is passive while Lunastra aggressive, you can fight her without her mate noticing. - In case you hear a loud unique roar while fighting Lunastra, that's Teostra coming in that exact area to help. As said above, while Teostra is flying to that area, pull Lunastra away, again. Rinse and repeat until Lunastra fly to the pair's nest to sleep. It's might sound tedious, but if you're not up to dealing with them both, you should do this. - When Lunastra's resting, Teostra will be there to guard her. If you did the two steps above correct, Teostra will still, jokingly, be passive toward you until Lunastra take a hit. So time that hit right, this should be the only time you're fighting them both.
For charge blade users ( I'm putting this because no one else would), get gigafrost 2 with ice charm and two pieces of Kushala's armor (head and coil). This part can help with anyone else, hit her with the boulder trap then the dragonater the finally another boulder trap. Might not repel her but does help. This is for Pandora's Arena.
All I gotta say is evade extender skill lvl 3 is best skill in game. Made this hoe way easier
MR version is literally the worst. Especially when tempered. F*cking nightmare.
Guys, is it just me or does Lunastra's roar immobilze you for a longer time than other mosnters major roar?
While I see a bunch of people here complaining about the nova, my complaint is the the knockdown and stun spam.... like Serriously, I can’t get up half the time. It’s like I’m playing street fighter and my opponent knows how to infinite my *** into the air. I mean even with recovery protection being a part of the game I just,,,, Ugh.... also, for those of you who don’t want to deal with the nova, just bring a dragon weapon and bump it’s elder seal up. No dust means you can hammer away, prevent her from nova Ing and it SEEMS to reduce her damage out put (note this is not confirmed, just something I noticed when I should’ve died like 5 times but didn’t and she had no nova dust due to dragonseal.
And again we see a really cool (or hot) monster completely ruined by the fight. Tempered MR Lunastra is the worst thing I’ve ever encountered in this game. An absolute nightmare of a fight. Maybe I’m just being bitter and making it sound worse than it really is, but still... I’m not ever gonna fight her again unless I really need to.
I hate that she's just immune to clash pods... for NO reason. there isn't even a lore reason she's just immune because "***** you"
“Clash pods”? You mean flash pods, right?
I have fought Lunastra with my friend, and my god was it much easier than alone, but still a pain. Lunastras nova attack can sometiems leave you with a sliver of health (If you are lucky enough). I thought Lunastra was gonna be easier, oh boy was i wrong.