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used for my giant dad for ds2
Anyone willing to drop this for me at the foyer bonfire? I'm at about soul memory 1,500,000. Also, anyone willing to drop a smelter hammer per chance?
No, put effort and remember, to become the legend you must GIT GUD. Improve your strategy, casul
sad giant dad mask
Giant sad
Having this mask in your inventory is a mark of shame for having died over and over in the Iron Passage until you had depopulated it of every last enemy along the main route there.
Not really, I just ran past the enemies and reached the fog gate ez pz. You don't need to clear the areas at all.
I cleared all the rooms and didnt died GIT GUD CASUAL
Well, I just killed the scorcerers cause they're a pain in the ***, the rest of the enemies are crappy, ngl.
The design of this area is sooo goooood...but nooo...I just run like a doll to the boss...cause theres nothing good in this area. Not even a propper reward. Lol
In the stats it doesn't show the 100 fire def increase
Anybody got this on xbox sotfs i need it sm 3-4m not quite sure my name on xbox is MrAztul
Absolutely not, git gud and beat the blue smelter demon yourself casual.
i got you breh
Activate the bass cannon