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A 1% drop chance for a low-tier weapon that only drops from enemies that teleport away at the first sign of taking melee damage AND get invincibility as soon as they even think about teleporting... all I wanted was a dancing stick :(


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You can use a stronk attack (ie. Zweihander's R2) , that knocks him down so you can kill him without him teleporting
You non-ranged people are weak. If the crossbow had free aim maybe people wouldn't think dark souls is hard.
got lucky. got it my first play through and didnt know it was rare until now
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The Dancer would be mega vibin to Footloose by Kenny Loggins
Is the duration of the buff extended by Lingering Dragoncrest Ring?
I think it only works for sorcery
If my case can be useful, I got it in 30 minutes with 10 humanities and gold serpent ring
Would anybody be able to drop me the *****ing thing, I'm going insane trying to farm in dukes with maximum item discovery. Absolutely *****ing ridiculous drop rates.
Yeah somehow I get 2 balder side swords in one playthrough but I have to spend a whole day farming this thing, bull*****


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I understand you. I remember on my first play through way back when I had it drop with 100 item discovery from the first one you encounter in the depths. I didn't know how rare that was back then. On my current playthrough, I had to farm for about an hour to get it from the two Channelers in Duke's Archives nearest to the balcony bonfire. My route was to run up the stairs and to the left, make a hard right to go up to the third floor, dispatch of the Channeler directly to your left and run up the rotating stairs to the one on the top floor, kill him and homeward. Rinse and repeat with 410 item discovery. Best of luck.
I got it on my 3rd attempt :3
I approve ThunderFlip's method, took me roughly 10 attempts killing the two channelers with 410 item discovery. To whomst ever is reading this I wish you luck with your attempts at getting the boogie stick.
i just had 2 drop in a row and i only have 350 item discovery
Anybody please i can trade anything for this***** . Farming for 3 Hours with gold serpent ring and 10 Humanities
Man up, wuss. I am doing the same thing as we speak.
lol i got it from the one in undead church that doesn't re-spawn
If you are achievement hunting this game in 2020, understand that this b*tch can take forever to farm. Now that you know that, be a man and farm it. Do not beg others for handouts. You knew going in that this one was going to be a grind, deal with it. Do you climb mountains or do you have somebody fly you to the top?
Got it on my first run on DSR, who needs farming when you're God tier lucky
I was about to farm symbols of avarice, by stocking up on lloyds and tossing then at mimics. After spending all ny souls on lloyds i found one first try. I think this games knows when youre farming something and are prepared for it
After like an hour of farming, I muted the TV and put the film The Irishman on my laptop thinking it might take another hour or two, so I could at least enjoy a new movie. The film ended without a single drop. I think I killed between 500-600 channelers in that time at max item discovery. Does anyone have another movie recommendation to get me through another 400-500 kills?
Nevermind. It dropped first kill after making this post. I swear to all things holy I am not making this up. If you are having trouble getting this, I recommend on complaining on the wiki and trying again.