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ALL I wanted was better menus, like ds2 or ds3's menus but no the only things they changed was better graphics and a few minor things that dont even matter like changing covenants and a single new bonfire, I'll pass on this one
why would they change the menu? It’s a remaster not a remake and besides there is nothing wrong with it
Awww what a **** crybaby that doesn't have his little menu. Grow up kid.
Gonna have to vote louder next time.


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Well for what it's worth I would've been upset if they changed the menus. That's the kind of***** a remake is for, not a remaster. Remasters are preserving the original game exactly as it was but making it run better, look better, and adding quality of life improvements here or there that don't massively change the game.
I am happy with the game so far, but there is one difference I am unhappy about. In the slime corridor leading to the bonfire in the Depths a bunch of the slimes glitch through the floor when they drop from the ceiling. I distinctly remember farming them in the original and I would have five or six of them to kill for the chance at a large shard. Now it's only three or very rarely four!
fixed with latest patch!! yeah!!
nah it's not "back to roots" at all. Majority are either veterans out for the coop or people spoiled by youtube. Just look at the people using the backflipp ring. That was an ultra secret only few knew about. Now it is spinning and jumping everywhere.
Ultra secret lol? Dude it was everywhere. Its the internet age the second something is discovered it gets put on reddit.
Flipp ring was an ultra secret?? Holy sh... where do you live? (I mean planet)....
What a **** baby you are.
Another difference is that hosts don't need to worry about healing their summons. It looks like summons get 1/4 of the host's estus rounded down.
no its based on how much you have when you summon in. If you you had 5 estus then you will have 2 in host world. If you had 20 then you will have 10.
Does it come with dlc?
Yes Atorias of the Abys is included
Thanks for the info
I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem but this has happened twice in a span of five minutes. I was letting my friends summon me in as an invader to fight them and goof around, and a few times I’d get the message that says “failed to connect.” So I’d save and quit the game and come back in. When I did that all of the souls on my character were gone. My humanities were still there, but all of my souls were erased. I had around 80,000 souls the first time and around 20,000 the first time. I’m unsure if this is a common problem but everyone please be careful because that’s happened twice in such a short time span.
Sometimes, if not already saved in that area before the glitch, you will lose souls.
The PVP is complete trash like all souls games. This is by far the worst. The rest of the game has aged well.

PvP in DS1 is especially horrid. DS1 PVE is so much better.
The ones downvoting you are the ones who BS fish and think pvp (and instant backstabs without animations) are actually good. Because they are bad. Probably the same ones who suck at DS2 PvP.
Yeah for me with the Iron golem I walked into the boss fight with a friend then the boss died. Like all I did was walk through the fog wall and he died.
Just like in classic dark souls the golem has a tendency to walk off edges, maybe that happened. Or did Black Iron Tarkus just wreck him in the blink of an eye?
can someone tell me why i don'T get darkwraith armor after dropping 40 humanity at kaathe?
Think you had to use 50 humanity.
I think it may be necessary to give individually to have a near guaranteed proper rank up: 9, 10, 29, 30, 49, then 50.
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