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This weapon boosts my win rate. I don't need any greatswords. Claymore? Bah! Old and busted. If you can't reach 720 AR on a halberd, go home.
Can we just appreciate the amount of cruelty that is put into this weapon? Not only it was made out of living human being, not only it was created by hanging the poor guy on it until loss of sanity (hopefully) for ridiculous amount of time, not only it can deal insane amount of dark damage (potentially causing a lot of pain),not only it has the corpse as a main part of weapon, but you can also torture already complety hollowed but still "alive" (probably) former thinking being by repeatedly smashing his skull into ground making it scream in pain...
Shira got some nerve referring to the player as "thy lowly kind"
It's so satisfying to get the REEEEEEEEEE weapon art.
so how much strength/faith should you have on a meta level build?


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soft caps are, 27 str 2h. 40 str 1h. 40 faith. 60 faith for dark blade.
just the requirement 19/14
This weapon is so *****ing spammy and tryhard bull*****and I *****ing hate the l1 spam it's so***** ***** this thing it needs to be nerfed
Git Gud
Cry More
Obviously none of these repliers get it. Read the comment a bit closer and maybe you will understand.
What are you talking about, Nov 28 Anon? I guess I'm not getting it either. All I see is a salty noob that received the only appropriate response one can give to such a whiny comment. There doesn't seem to be any irony to the original comment. Are you just as salty as him at CotMK? If so, I assure you, any defeats you received at the hands of someone using CotMK were well deserved. CotMK is a good weapon, but it's not top tier. It needs a good amount of skill to be wielded properly. You can't just mindlessly spam on button like a lot of other weapons. If you do die to "L1 spam" like the original commenter is butt-mad about, then it is your fault. L1 spamming CotMK is not very effect unless you're dumb and just keep trying to R1 spam yourself. That's about all the L1 spam is good for, dealing with R1 spammers. So it's pretty hilarious and hypocritical to leave a rage comment about it.
Bruh, stop overreacting. Every weapon can be beaten with enough practice and this one is outclassed anyways. It’s not that good.
To everyone who reads this comment, l1 is block.
This is the roaring halberd's weird cousin
The weapon link at the top sends you to an inexistent fallout 76 page.
Can someone explain why this weapon is broken? I don’t see it being better then the other halberds at least. It has split ar at a standard level, it has two extra underwhelming moves that lack either range or speed and a weapon art that’s a free backstab if you dodge it. The only thing it has over other halberds is the extra hyperarmor, which is greatsword tier. It really needs it though, because it doesn’t have a tear off skin spin to win to win damage trades with bigger weapons. Please explain to me how this is broken, or explain why the whole glaive class is broken while you do it. Nothing about it is overpowered or broken to me at all. Just an interesting, but average halberd.
In pvp dark damage is one of the splits that has the fewest armour sets resistant to it. So take a weapon that already scales well with strength and faith because of dark damage, then make it buffable with dark blade from a high faith build and you have a very high AR with a weapon art that true combos from an r1
You literally never faced against a good Halberd player. Not a Splitleaf player I mean a good Halberd player. Halberds have so low recovery frames that using halberds are extra easy for roll backstabs(If opponent is rolling into you I mean). Weapon is extremely OP with 3 useful WAs and true combos alongside GS poise. Weaknesses of this weapon is weakness of halberd class which is lack of crowd control.
It’s not broken or OP. The people that say it is are a vocal minority
the moveset is nothing outstanding, its just that it does stupid damage it can two shot 50 vigor+life ring+fap with the correct combos and stats
Imagine complaining about someone's preferred playstyle. You guys are the ones ruining the game.
I wonder what happens if you break this weapon. Will the corpse be deattached and leave the crucifix clean?
Sounds a bit like Santier's Spear 2.0