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What tf EXACTLY does defense do for me in this game, 400 def and I get one-shot or halved way too easily.
I have 550 and nothing does damg to me
At 450 def, very few things can one shot you aside from a few tempered strikes. At 500 def, you won't get one shotted in this game.


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I have added calculation information to this page. Keep in mind that numbers are reached through community testing and extrapolation from previous titles.
If you get hit it increases chance of survival., however in a MH game you generally only get hit if you messed up. Unlike most games, dodging will always be better than trying to armor up and get hit. Only blocking weapons are safe to be hit (if properly setup.
Little side note, elemental resistance might play a role in how much damage you take defense wise, after reducing my defense in favor of elemental resistance, I took pretty much the same amount of damage, so defense appears to be increased meekly and affected in some way by elemental resistance, so defense is important but is weakened if you don't have enough elemental resistance, it might not even play a role unless it's at 10 or 20 to boot, but that's just me and my experiments, anybody else have some other crazy idea about defense and elemental resistance?
My hypotheses is that Elemental Resistance gives percentile resistances against their respective damage types, while Defence gives flat damage reduction. High defence but low fire res gets me one-shotted during AT Lunastra/Teostra. Medium defence but vairly high fire res (15+) lets me survive one of their ults.
And don't forget kids! All of this is meaningless for endgame, and If you didn't learn to dodge and got used to taking hits before fighting Arch temps, you're gonna have a bad time! Source: the staggering amount of people who get whipped at HR 150+
obviously, def is useful for reducing the accumulation of chip damage late game; nothing will replace the gud that one needs to git
Gunlance have really good defense, really underestimated
I heard that ranged weapon has only half the defense but double the elemental resistance, is that true? or do they just have completely different ways of calculating defense.
It used to be that gunner armor had twice the elemental resist but half the defense blademaster armor had. Now, there's no distinction between armor clases but now your weapon either gives you a natural defense boost / elem. resist boost depending on the type of weapon you are playing.
Ok so if I have 630 defense, my incoming damage is multiplied by 80/(80+630) = 11.27%. So 100 incoming damage turns into about 11. Right? If I bump that up to 680 with a a Defense Up or whatever, that changes to 10.53%. That is a very small change. I think I see why people say don't worry about Defense in the end game.
It still matters as instead of taking 113 damage for example, you take 105 and that's around 7% less. I might've understood this mechanic wrong but it seems to me that it actually isn't completely useless to increase the defense in the end game
Due to the damage reduction formula above, your effective health scales linearly with your defense stat. Damage reduction is a misleading stat that makes people think stacking defense has diminishing returns of survivability, when it actually does not. The diminishing increase in reduction % is designed to compensate for the fact that survivability increases exponentially with each reduction % you gain. For example, if you have 100 hp and 50% reduction, you take half damage from each attack and so effectively have 200 hp. If you add another 25% reduction, you take a quarter damage and effectively have 400 hp. This shows that you are twice as tanky at 50% reduction, 4 times as tanky at 75% reduction and will be 8 times as tanky at 87.5% reduction, then 16 times as tanky at 93.75% reduction. So basically, stacking defense is exactly equally as good in end game as it was in early game, or any point of game for that matter.
Dodging is cool, but having high defense can mean a difference of getting one-shot and not getting one-shot. Having the leeway to allow for mistakes is not necessarily a bad thing, especially since not everyone is interested in perfect runs.
This page is outdated it does not include icebourne armour