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just started my first experiance of darksouls with this class,
You know what's the dumbest art decision they made in this game? That goddamn rope on male characters. I WANT A PROPER BARE MANLY TORSO IF I'M GOING NEAR NUDE, YOU BASTARDS.
its a rope to hang yourself by the neck if you feel like a casul
You can’t hang weapons off your back hair


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Ah my first run of every Souls Game is a Deprived, just to really hammer home the tradition I even did NG++ in DkS3 up to Firelink with my starting equipment, not upgraded at all, just my improved stats. So nostalgic.
Brave man. Your anus must be in worse condition than the Master's Set.


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According to the Dark Souls III Design Works, the description should read: "Naked and of unknown origin. Either an unfathomable fool in life, or was stripped of possessions upon burial."
My class selection of choice. Best recommended for skilled players who know where to get the gear they want an know the art of “Run-And-Seek-Foo!” :P
I am 100% noob girl but what you said is not true i think this is easiest class coz you can put 8 on life 2 on str by the time you hit lvl 10 and other chars start at 9-10 so you will end up with 18 pts on life more than any char and also you can buy rly cheap the chain mail full gear from the granny lady after you kill Iundex in the base it is rly cool armor :) very knightly also lighter than knight one i just wish there had like 2nd armor these like leather that is even lighter
At the beginning of the Souls series, in Demon's Souls, this was the Warrior. No armor, a club and lots of str. Couldn't take much hits but the club made the fights against shield wielding enemies alot easier.
here’s a chalenge for ya , take deprived class , then go for a caveman build with only use of woden weapon ( torch and bows allowed ) the only non wooden weapon you are allowed to use is the follower javelin , just for the fun of throwing sh1t like a madman
I live in FL & can confirm
Rope a Dope


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After discovering that Rosaria has a respec glitch I always pick this class. It allows a clean switch to anything given you have the equipment. "Shapeshifter" Class!
You can use the club the stagger the crystal lizard at the start of the game, every 4 hits staggers then touch his belly, rinse ,repeat