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I'm playing as Sebille as my main and I don't get an exclamation point on arriving at the Nameless Isle. How does this quest work for those of us playing as Sebille?
Spoiler: when you meet the shadow Prince as sebille, your "god" will save you when the Prince sings the slave song
I told her to wait before talking to Zaleskar (I thought she was going to murder him obviously) and she refused to speak with him after Ifan. I killed Zaleskar for his heart and fed it to her but this did nothing for her quest. She still talks about finding Zaleskar despite her quest log indicating he is dead.
Those who missed her line about the song upon reaching the Nameless Isle please check -The Mother Tree- quest info, as ou can still learn about the song there... Link>
I'm having a party with Ifan and Sebille, considering what I've read from other's comments/inputs; I teleported Sebille at the Driftwood-Square so that Ifan can talk to Roost without Sebille intefering. Interestingly, it doesn't matter whether if Sebille will confront with Roost or not because after killing Roost, Sebille's personal quest stated: Roost Alon, who delivered Sebille to the Master, is dead. The Master is next and her log doesn't closes and as for Ifan: You just know that Alexander is still alive and Roost didn't reveal the identify of the one who issued the Godwoken contract. In short you can proceed with the story even if Sebille is the one who confronts with Roost. Cheers.
On my playthough i didnt learn the song and had to kill sebille. After re loading my save with the master I talked to sebille once, exited dialogue and the "!" Popped up over her head and gave me the the song.
I tried this and it worked. I chose option of talking about Master and scar if that matters.
Sebile won't support me ascending before going into academy, wth, I've reloaded game to the start of nameless isle numerous times. I still don't get the an exclamation. Do i need to restart the game?
just boost persuasion at the lady vengeance
I missed the opportunity to learn the song from Sebille by an hour (got the dialogue trigger when approaching, backed out and did other stuff), but was able to get another chance to learn it by approaching the rocky bridge near the Shadow Prince, initiating the other unrelated dialogue options with Sebille (asking whats next, etc), and then ending the conversation. Afterwards the "!" popped up over her again (no dialogue trigger though) and I was able to learn it.