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Is the new mist form that does damage considered a damage over time effect? What champion points would increase its damage?
Have not been a vampire for long, just wondering as to the mist form change being now a damage over time skill or not. Thanks!
yes, its a dot damage
*****in outdated,really got me hyped for that blood frenzy build just to be hit by a 20% increase cost per second on both morph.
i had a friend vampire lvl 1 stage 4 he was stuck with 10 hp and we don t understand how he s supposed to regen... any idea?
you can use your class skills, bottles from the quick slot and once at the correct level the drain skill in the vamp line + the vamp ultimate also heals once unlocked
AT stage 4 your healing is disabled so your gonna need healing pots a spell or a healer for a friend
Hi, I am an Argonian Tank Magika Healer lev 17. Is it worth it to become a Vampire ? Or is better werewolf ? Or should stay away from those 2 morph? Thanks
Unless you are DPS I don't think any of these skill lines are worth it.
Vampire tanks are great. Especially if you are an Argonian. Resource management is key.
Any idea how to advance to Vampire Stage 4? It used to be that you just use the abilities but I don’t know anymore because the skill line got re vamped for Graymooor??



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You have to feed to increase your vampire stage now
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Anyone know if unnatural movement works while mounted (either the invisibility or the discount)?
I'm new to this game so I'm not too sure but does this scion form gives you wings at all? I'm remembered seeing people with wings on their scion and I don't have any.