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Bell themed gear is still in fashion baby, has been since belfry sol
this could have been faith scaling natraly. if this could be infused and faith scaling just like sunlight straight sword, then it could be one of the best faith weapons
Could you use this weapon art in conjunction with the bonewheel shield?
You’d have to holster the shield first since the weapon art has to be 2-handed to use, and the bone shield’s weapon art doesn’t allow you to use the primary art


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Eleonora is an italian female name
If I used the buff with a blood infused weapon in my off hand, would it increase the bleed build up of that weapon? Or would it stay the same if it’s already blood infused?


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So you could do a three-man Abyss watchers cosplay where one of you joins the gank each time this weapon art is used (and the last one is a purple phantom so they can attack the invader or host.) Just a concept.



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I like the way you think, Unicorn!
What does lacerating mean?


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I am thinking of making a Bard themed build using this and crystal chime for spell casting. I just cant figure out a good stat spread for 120 that would allow me to use this for damage and still have enough points for some basic spell casting. I'll only be using spells that do not scale from int and fth. I really like the idea of bells as it really feels like something a bard would use. Any insight or tips would be appreciated. :)
I'm using this weapon as an offhand with a glaive on my main. Holy crap. God damn, this thing is good for that. More range than a hand axe for the same stamina consumption. Someone with more knowledge than me, is this really as good as I think it is?
Is this referring it to be hella good in pvp or pve its godtier?.