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"Due to their high poise rating, using the stone ring is recommended."
When even using the stone ring AND a greatweapon doesn't even stagger them with heavy attacks...
The knights don't stagger worth a crap, but stone ring + my flexile sentry curved great sword knocks them around like they are small children
Get a great hammer. Flatten *****head. Repeat and complete. #pancake life
I hate them. I hate them so *****ing much. Why did they have to put 4-5 of them in one spot, all attacking as soon as you hurt one of them? ARGH I HATE IT
You've pointed out the exact reason why many players hate DS2.
Immune to poison, fitting but annoying.
I found that two handing Santier’s spear can stagger them well as maybe a heavier twin blade. Use the light attack and you are golden
Worthless trivia time: they have 10 estus.
Literal rotting corpses that somehow tank a UGS power clap to the face better than havel can...
They are the weakest to lightning from all the resistances, and so a +5 Dragon Chime, Sun Seal, 50 FTH, Unleash Magic Sunlight Spear deals 746 damage. That's a big yikes from me.
Also forgot to add, a +10 lightning rapier /w sunlight enchant deals like 520 dmg with 1 normal 2 handed attack, so if you're a mage, just go melee and grab a few spells to kill the bugs or kite stuff from long range, but do not even dream of relying on spells in this DLC as your main source of damage.
aka poisebois
Dark and fire deals a significant damage to them They are extremely resistant to sorcery, didn't try miracles and lightning yet