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Amazing chest ahead
Try both hands
what curved sword should i use
Any curved sword will do. The easiest to get for me is the Scimitar, which is sold for 600 by the merchant in the Undead Burg
is this sword worth investing? first run of dark souls 1 and currently running a semi giantdad but wanna have fun with some boss weapons
The weapon is quite good. It has decent reach, fast attack speed and deals good damage. Only problem you'll have with this is enemies that are resistant to Fire, like the enemies in Izalith or the Hellkite Wyvern on the Bridge, since it deals mostly fire damage. You rather relaxedly play through the entire game with that weapon alone. Just maybe keep a secondary weapon on hand to deal with fire-resistant enemies
god tier weapon against anything weak to fire. makes o&s and four kings a cakewalk
The link for the lore redirect won’t let me view the page.
"If you have fully grown parasite, you will have parasite kick animation" I mean you're not wrong.
They mention it because Curved sword have a special kick animation