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Can someone drop me a load of souls please. Psn: dexleo But the L is an capital i
Somebody want to drop a lot of souls for me please?
Can someone help me with pontiff solevian ps4 is outlawniko1224
We can help each other. Message me NPittle87
Can somebody help me farm sunlight medals & vertebra shackles please? Can't find anyone... PSN: Woqkie
hi I rescued the ONION KNIGHT from his prison in the PROFANED CAPITAL and i wanted to kill THE GIANT boss but my onion knight died and now im stuck, can someone help me coop this guy?
Would anyone be willing to help me take on the Abyss Watchers on Xbox
someone cathedral of deep on pc?
I wanna transfer an item between characters if someone could help me out with that. PS4
Somebody help me beat the nameless king on xbox?
Tag: InexactScroll60
Can you help me?
What is the password
I need help with nameless king on Xbox
Never mind