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So does this mean I can kill the emerald hearald at the start of the game, get the feather and then I have to pay 2500 souls each time I want to level up?


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Yes but it isn't recommended as you could just use homeward bones.
Please do it and tell us the how was the experience
@Nuuskis, or the Homeward miracle, Homeward bones are expensive
Not if you find them in game :D
she never spawned for me. first game :( tried other places people said i could get the feather but no luck
at first i thought it said strongly "encouraged"...... derp
There’s no real downside to killing her then, at least if your as stupid as I am. I get into sh*ttier situations than Seigward in DS3 at least 15 times an area. It costs me so much Souls for dying and homeward bones, that I don’t mind the 2.5k souls thing (Trust me, I’ve lost at least 200k since I started playing about a day ago)
I played nearly 300 hours and completely forgot i had the damn feather... I feel silly having wasted a attunement slot on Homeward for so long -_-" I'm basically at the end of the game now having farmed nearly 50 Loyd Souls so it won't do me any good now...
Wait what, I have been buying tens of homeward bones this whole time
LoL why use Homeward Bones..... just get enough faith to use a tailsmen and homeward (dose the same thing and is way Cheaper.)
Lol you are so dumb...
Good to know: The feather can be used during boss fights.