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In pvp I run this with a lightning infusion a chaos dagger parry took and frayed blade for after repost if they live
Why do people like these weapons? the moveset is a very boring poke, an easily parryable R2, and lackluster damage making it not worth while in pve. I mean sure this particular one has a good weapon art, but god those pokes. The animation for it looks like the character is just struggling to hold the damn thing...
That animation plays when you miss an attack, as there’s a large weight on the end of a pole, no matter how strong you are, that imbalance is going to be difficult to wield. These weapons are very good at counters, and can be amazing in the right hands.
Roll R1, backstep R1, and Running R1 are all different attacks from the poke
Its an easy counter to straight swords, with very quick pokes. Its easy to r1 spam from a distance, use perserverance if someone gets a heavy weapon, then sprint attack if they run


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It scales better with a Sharp gem on a 40/40 Quality build, the AR is 240 + 247 = 487 instead of a Refined Red Hilted at 480. NOT all weapons should be refined for a 40/40 quality build, some do better with Sharp.
Actually the 2 handed AR for the weapon with refined is 506 at 40/40 vs sharp at 487. And the 1 handed AR is only a difference of 2 in sharp's favour. So in fact I'd say refined is better for this halberd overall.
You want this halberd 1h for an offhand tool to cover weakness, so yea. I personally will suggest going sharp



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Ah yes a weapon with one of the worst weapon arts in the game. It grants you high poise but by the time you can do anything your either dead because you get punished for trying it and you still take full damage or the buff ends and your staggered by an r1. Go for the standard halberd. It's weapon art is easy to parry but at least has some use pve
Git gud pleb you dont know when to use the WA, Perseverance is OP as *****
What I love about this wiki is that you can go to one page and read comments saying "this is hands down the most OP [thing] in the game." And then go to another page where someone says "this is hands down the worst [thing] in the gane.
It's just players who know how to properly use a weapon and those who don't, the difference between being is that one of them isn't a salt mine
Scaling Ilis very wrong. At +4 Sharp grants A scaling.
It's basically an aggressive version of the lothric long spear
The perfect weapon for running down chuggers and rollspammers. Instantly shuts down big slow weapons and short ranged ones like sellswords. The perseverance ability on it means you can keep up the pressure during critical moments where the dude is 1 hit from death and starts attacking so you roll away and he can chug. I use this as a secondary weapon but its versatility should not be underestimated.
Even at 40STR/40DEX, Sharp infusion still edges out a higher AR