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I wish Yoel didn't make you increase your level. I'm doing the fourth ending but I'm already in NG+ and I don't want my level to be any higher.
Do I still get the hollow ending even though I did all 10 steps?( I accidentally cured myself)
Unfortunately not. Curing the Dark Sigil is permanent and you need all eight of them on you for the ending.
So I accidentally killed the abyss watchers before the deacons did I just fail the usurpation of fire ending?
Did you draw true strength 5 times
Yes I did
Dont enter the catacombs until you did deacons. As it would skip the firelink talk with anri
Too late I guess I’ll try again in my next play through. Thanks for answering my question.
Does it matter if I kill Aldrich between steps 8 & 9?
Not supposed to
Does anyone know if there is a point where you cannot perform the wedding ceremony? Assuming all the prerequisite steps are done, could you get married just before soul of cinder? Or is there a boss/event that fails the quest outside of the above mention steps. Thanks