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I kneel to no self entitled man, OR GOD.
you say deth kneels to you, ONLY ASHES REMAIN of him.
"Creation", of your hand, ENDS, with DESTRUCTION from mine!
I AM THE DESTROYER OF DEATH HERE! in this decrepit nightmare relm.



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I'd say that you're the destroyer of the english language.
Edgy af
Dude, chill. It's a drawn *** scarecrow lmao.
I met him in the Sunken Keep for the first encounter. Then the Castle of Storms for the second encounter. He did not show up after the battle with the Bloodless Prince. I am going to see if he shows up for the third and counter at The Crypt of the Dead Gods.
His first encounter is in the village, you missed him there.


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Stop killing the page, *****s.
The Dominion ending can be triggered after beating the Forgotten King and then Choosing "Take Helm" by speaking to the scarecrow at any location probably (worked for me in Castle of Storms) making you skip the Nameless King completely and forcing you into NG+.

This page as well as the "endings" page is a complete pile of *****, whoever wrote it is dumb. Do not Take the Helm before beating the final boss.
Like I said, dumb post full of lies. You´re welcome.
Just happened to me in my mage. Was confused when i went looking for him and I found him in the spot I last spoke with him, the castle.
Something seems to be wrong with this page. Tried to edit it, clean up that *****ty spite message at the top by turning it into a decent player note and restore some lost dialogue info but the page just keeps reverting back to the December 3rd version.
Orrrrr, maybe the webhost had a fit of hiccups, because as soon as I submitted that comment the page finally updated properly.



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What happened there is simply your browser's local cache. Whenever you edit a page, you won't see the edit until you refresh the page on your local browser.
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Oh, thanks for that. Prooooobably need to clean out my browser's cache then.
What happens if you miss him in the Village of Smiles?
Honestly this scarecrow is way more cooler and creepier than the real form.
Still seems to suffer a glitch for 3rd encounter if you take a nonstandard route through the game. People commonly suggest it's due to killing the Coveted before Bloodless Prince, but I did not kill Coveted before Bloodless Prince and he still turned up missing. I did, however, defeat Carsejaw and Witch of the Lake, as well as accessed the Salt Alkymancery, before going back to Ziggurat for Bloodless Prince. My theory is perhaps talking to the old man at Siam Lake before talking to the Scarecrow in the exit of the Ruined Temple causes sequence breaking problems with the Scarecrow quest. I'll investigate further in subsequent playthroughs.
Where is the result of your investigation?
same thing happened to me and I *****ing hate it
Spoilers the scarecrow is the nameless god and you become him if you talk to him each time for the ending
This cannot be true, because the Scarecrow still exists after the Nameless God has been slain. More likely, it's the voice of the Island or another entity. And its last words are, "Find Me...", so clearly it has not yet been found even after the Nameless God is dead.
OP is correct. Reply before mine is incorrect. The scarecrow doesn't even talk after the Nameless God has been slain. It literally says "..." when you interact with it, which means it's silent now, just like it was after the Nameless God had finished using it. That's the end of the game. There's nothing controlling the scarecrow so you can take over.