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I just got the trophy with no boss weapons needed. Very weird.
If anyone could drop me these items, I'd greatly appreciate it. I have DS2 and DS3 plat if anyone needs any help with those games. SL 100 NG in DSR PSN: wot_u_sai



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Which ones, specifically, are you lacking?
git gud and do it yourself
very helpful ,thank you guys, I got the plat
This list is incomplete
i have all this weapons, but i dont get the Trophy can anyone help me?
Git gud scrub.
To be straight you need 2 soul of Gwyndolin?
Yes. You also need 3 of sifs souls 2 of moonlight butterfly 2 of iron golem And 2 of quelaag
you Need almost every Boss Soul twice (Ornstein and Smough no but they are kinda 1 boss)
Where are you seeing it say you need 2? You need one of his souls to make the greatsword. You can also use his soul to make sunlight spear but thats irrelevant to this achievement


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Gwyndolin =/= Gwyn. You DO need 2 souls of Gwyndolin for the Darkmoon Bow and Catalyst.
I used this list and got the achievement. So it must be accurate! Cheers
I did this list and didn't get... Don't know what to do esle
Me too.
do you have remaster or original? I believe the remaster also includes weapons from the DLC while the original does not
Try dropping the weapons and picking them back up, or transfer to your bottomless box and transfer back.
You have to run NG++ up until Sif to acquire all three boas weapons from Soul of Sif
This list is NOT complete, at least for DARK SOULS: REMASTERED. The three items missing are the Crescent Axe, the Izalith Catalyst and the Crest Shield.
Crescent Axe and Crest Shield is on it, idk about izalith i play prepare to die edition.
I can confirm that this list works on the remaster got everything on it and got the trophy also you do NOT need DLC weapons at all for the trophy.