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WTS riven for Smolder 1000 plat.
WTB GOD TIER [Smoulder] Riven +CC/CD +range 1.5k plat
Tenno much
buying gf 100 pl
I was max trait level by 30 hours of game play by 35 hours I have most of my gear leveled up boss weapons are 9 or 10 and my armour and non boss weapons are 19 or 20 all in missing is the lost harpoon and butcher's flail they need to start adding more stuff
Max trait level is 640, you did not get there in 30 hours.
Who are you to say it's not possible? An adventure with Elder Knowledge + Green ring gives around 10 lvl each time... Please don't assume things without knowing anything?
First 30 hours. Definitely not possible. Snob somewhere else lol
An unpopular opinion
***** stop lying, you cant possibly get 640 levels in 30 hours
what is the best ranged weapon?
i have heard the Chicago typewriter is
typewriter is very average at max level. Beam Rifle even after the changes is still incredibly strong.