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IT sAy s hi
fuk you
i used a bhm when the moon presence fight started and i didnt get any echoes?!?!?
If i die to Gehrman i start NG+ or i will get another chance to kill him?
When you pick the option to fight him, if you fight him and die you will end up respawning back next to the doll. NG+ only starts after you win against him.


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I didn’t get any blood echoes when I killed him I don’t know why
He gives none if moon presence is alive but not beaten. Technically moon presence doesn't give any either- you get blood echoes for beating the game.
This fight was incredible Hands down best boss in the series
I like to start the fight with a cannon shot with bone marrow ash. At like +6 it does almost 1100 damage right at the beginning, not even on a bloodtinge build
kind of disappointed. im level 164 and killed him in the first try. Also Moon Presence was not that much of a deal. Had harder times in the Chalice Dungeons
Of course it would be easy. You greatly out leveled the content. It you wanted it to be challenging then don't no life farm levels.
he's a boss for lvl 65, people do chalice's after him usually since they are lvl 75 and up.
Strategy 5: git gud.


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Git Gud is more of a cheese than a actual strategy xD
Is level 70 too much? Beat him first try but it was still epic as *****.