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I'm very glad that subspecies are making a return in world as not only are we getting new monsters but also some returning monster as well, as for now I will start off speculation on the Fulgur Anjanath. It will most likely have the same critical spots as it is the same monster mostly, however with elemental and aliment weaknesses, I think that the Fire element will be the most affective on this monster unlike many other thunder element monster being weak to the Ice element (Zinogre, Rajang, Astalos, etc), as Fulgur Anjanath is seen in the Hoarfrost Reach as shown in the Glavenus trailer, as for aliments I have no idea as Anjanath as no real aliment weaknesses. Now at Comic Con this year we were shown some... very interesting things such as new weapons, armor, some scrapped designs, and also a new Glavenus Subspeces, but... I will get to that some other time... for now then back to Anjanath, for the equipment for this beast it is mostly just you replace the colors on the weapons and armor to a white and a blue sort of glow almost to it but I couldn't tell completely, (this may also mean that the Anja Arch bow might not be useful for a anti Kirin set but they did not show us a Fulgur bow so that is still unknown). Now for the actual POWER of this monster, well we have seen it battle a Tigrex in the trailer, however in the turf war Tigrex was overpowering Fulger so I think he could match a Tigrex in "power" however more times out of ten Tigrex would come out on top. Now as for any information I missed please just reply to this post as correct me if I am incorrect, as for now I hope everyone has a good day and I hope people are as hyped as Iceborne as I am. Later!
hey i have been wondering about fulgars weeknesses because to me it looks like he gains 5 star week ness to water and ice when he ios thunder changred
Nah, its jus 2 star when charged and 3 when he's not, or the other way around depending on if ur talking water or ice. .


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nothing is 5 star. its 2 star water, 3 star water when he is charged up. 3 star ice, but 2 star when charged up. there are ( ) around the stars, like with the Barroth, Jyura, Lava, and Kulve
Does anyone have any tips for getting the mantle? I’ve fought it several times and have never gotten it, and have now resorted to cutting the tail off, carving it and leaving the quest but I still can’t seem to get it. Is it more likely to get it if you break the head?
investigations with gold or at least silver special rewards
If you have investigations do that and you should get one
Melding pot


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lucky ticket. use it when you start the quest up. and for extra chances, break the head and cut the tail.
A bit late but the best chances to get any gems or mantles of any monster is to capture it after you break as many body parts of the monster as possible
You automatically get the mantle
gotta have broken the head and carved the tail
Meld it At the elder melder :)
I'm sorry I d'ont speak english I speak franch
Many of this guy's electrically charged attacks actually are multi attacks such as when they bite the ground with lightning. Rocksteady results in a lot of damage during those attacks.
I love in the first encounter with the viper Kadachi he just choke-slams the poor snake-squirrel and then walks off like a real G