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I was wearing Chester custom and open the chest and i find the Enchanted Falchion not the chest hat why? Is it relative to the Chester custom? OR IT IS A DAMM BUG? This is not my first newgame
It drops randomly, it has nothin' to do with your armor. It has to do with how much humanity you have and/or the covetous gold serpent ring because it increases your item drop chance.
You have to find it randomly. It isn't in any specific chest
If it hasn't dropped naturally for you, you missed a mimic chest. Guaranteed drop by the final mimic you kill.
Came to read up on this item after picking it up naturally, only to read that this is a 1/1000 chance. Time to play the lotto.
If you got it in the dukes archives it probably was the last mimic alive that dropped it which guarantees the helmet drop
Did you win the lotto?
lol dude, i just got it twice in a row in Anor Londo and i was in absolute disbelief cos it has a 0.1% chance
I got this 3 times in a row at the Archives mimic, on seperat playthroughs. Is that luck or is it guaranteed?


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Also got it a moment ago in the archives. Perhaps they increased the drop rate.
Yeah same here, it's guaranteed to drop from the last mimic you kill in your entire playthrough, excluding the one in the DLC.
i got it twice in a row in Anor Londo and i was in disbeleif because the drop rate is 0.1%
why does the wiki not list how this thing slows you down significantly? sprinting speed is drastically reduced with this and the time to accelerate increases a huge amount.


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Not necessarily, it's just putting you in the next weight category. It has a weight of 10.0 which is pretty high and makes it a little difficult to stay under 25% or 50% of your weight capacity for either fast or mid-rolling speed. If the extra weight puts you over 50% you are going to be quite slow. I usually strip off most of my armor and use Havel's Ring to stay under the 25% threshold. If you account for the added weight, your movement speed won't be affected.