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I m so f*cking close to giving up at this idiot. Spend more than 2h now to try to learn parrying him with no sucsess whatsoever. I havent minded taking long for a boss but usually u get better over time because you see what you did wrong and can improve. But with this guy u just enter the arena and try to parry, fail and die instantly with no feedback at all. I usually never blame the game but this guy is just terrible design, if you ve been dualwielding until know now ur just f*cked
Git gud
His grab is almost deadly, once you have mastery over timing you will be able to dodge and thrust his defense plus if you built properly your character you should be able to parry easily. Another thing, if you do train on parry, you should wear the hornet ring (Damage bonus is quite something) Good luck
***** shields. Try dodging!
i can't parry him for***** either, tried but couldn't get the hang of it. then i learned to fight him the old fashioned way. just gotta git gud my man.
Gwyn's lore is eerily reminiscent of Greek mythology : Swap dragons with titans and Anor Londo with Olympia (Sunny and skyhigh) then try to establish an analogy between Zeus and Gwyn (Appearance and Lightning control + he is revered as greatest of the gods) even Gwynevere with Aphrodite, you'll see a high analogy
Also Solaire is implied to be Gwynn’s son who was made mortal for his foolishness. Although he retains his god like strength. He’s Herecles .
Ok, so I played DS3, BB and now DS1. Hate me, but I first try'd Nito, Sif, Taurus and Four Kings. Without NPC summons. Cut Gwyn down on the second attempt, alone (Havels, demon greataxe). It took me dozens of attempts to take down Darkeater Midir, The Demon Prince, sister friede. Compared to DS3, the bosses in DS1 were a joke.
And yea, I played all those games with a go there and bash its *****ing face in attitude.
You can kinda break DkS with poise dude
well, you have some preparation playing DS3 and BB. I guess many fighting techniques can be applied to all of these. I just beat the***** of DS 1 remastered and it was challenging, even frustrating sometimes. But overall, nice experience. BTW, Did you beat Smaug and Oyster without summoning anybody ;) ?
Well, I mean, yeah, DS1 was your third souls game... of course the bosses are going to be a joke.
I really need some help with guy If anyone can help please throw down a summon sign
Just parry him every tume he swing his sword and thats it. I said He is the easieast boss in the whole soulsborne franchise.
overrated its just an r1 spammer
solaire kills him so fast it seems he was grossly incandescent all along
It's funny how half of these comments are screaming about how hard Gwyn is and the other half is all, "GG 2 EZ BEAT HIM ON NG+82934 WITH MY LEFT PINKY FINGERNAIL WITH A GUITAR HERO CONTROLLER WHILE BLINDFOLDED AND TIED UP TO A CHAIR GG 2 EZ!!!" Personally, I loved the fight, but I gotta admit a couple parries and he's gone
Me after parryin him to death: "wait who's supposed to be the boss here??"
Right? I died a couple of times, got annoyed of running by the dark knights again and again, came here, read he could be parried and aced the fight on the first attempt thereafter. Kind of a letdown really…
gwyn is a loser ***** boi, screw him for wiping out the dragons. nameless chad had the right idea