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lookin for this item farming partner. STEAM ID:
i have joined this convent and received the banner but now I cant find it in my inventory?? I can still offer bone fragments and deepen my alliance but cant find it please help????
It's in the Covent select spot not in inv
Hello everyone, i just enter in the mound makers covenant and this action dont affect negatively sirrys quest line.
Nah mate Sirris won’t get mad
(STEAM: nxtcxdx) Hi Im triying to get all of the ds3 achivements but the covenant rings and spells are very hard and grindy to get. I just need the wolf ring and the obscuring ring in order to skip the Watchdogs of Farron and Rosarias grind for this rings. I read in a post that just holding the rings would count as if I got them for the Master of rings trophy. I would be very gratefull if someone would let me, at least hold, those ring. Thank you.
go beg somewhere else
The bloodlust from rank 1 allows you to stab yourself to death like a true mad one but the warmth from rank 2 allows you to heal yourself so successful mound-makers rise above the madness while those unsuccessful succumb to it



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I like how you think, anon.
They do not rise above the madness they just crave comfort and warmth just like the rest of us. They kill because they want to have a "family" which they make out of their mound. This just shows that they want comfort which is why they are mad in the first place.
Its a shame all the people on here begging to be boosted. Get good scrublords
Its just that getting 30 of these is really tedious with normal pvp, esprcially at a certain soullevel. Also DS PvP just straight up sucks
People like you who exploit PvP in these games are a joke. Talking about getting good and than using dirty mechanics and broken gameplay for "PvP". This***** was never good in the souls series and never will be. It's for losers who can't play fair.
Looking to farm shackles. SL 149 steam id: Obi-wan Kenobi


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Looking to farm shackles. SL 153 steam code: 1015489840
I need to farm those as well!
i need to farm those and some other covenant items aswell, steam: xdyinamic
Guys The page should be updated. For mistake I hit the cage spider npc before he can speak to me, but I havnt killed it but he became hostile to me. I've tried to go at the velka statue but it says there was no sin. I returned to the cage spider to try to speak to him but he remained, obviously, hostile. At that point I've tried anyway to go to the guy with the cage and I'have interacted with the cage, at that point the cut scene started and after that i was in the pit and I joined the covenant. So you can enter the pit without talking to the spider or if he became hostile and you didnt kill him you can go trough as you had spoken to him, I don't know precisely. Sorry for my english guys