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Is it just me or is he a shout out to Seath the Scaleless. Pale slimy white. Same tails(ish)
Welcome to this article's comments, you're probably here to have a laugh
Feels bad, man. I came up to this fight prepared for a serious life-or-death encounter (so, a typical Tuesday for Sekiro). Munched on a Gaachin's sugar so they won't see me comin', only for me to drop down, take his first life then hack until he was down. Even then I had my Loaded Umbrella up 'cause I figured, "Nah, this ain't it." Was left staring at his body as the mist cleared, and I wept. "What were you doing, grandpa? This wasn't the game for you!"
i feel bad. i heard he was easy but thought "well easy for sekiro is still challenging" and i deathblowed him and immediately used mortal draw. he died instantly