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If a Deviljho was ordering his food from a drive through at Cluckin' Bell he would say "I'll have two Number 9s, a Number 9 large, a Number 6 with extra dip, a Number 7, two Number 45s one with cheese, and a Large Soda."
Maybe he would just order pickles and get his own tail
I just came up with making GTA SA characters as Monsters, What I picked was: CJ and Sweet as Azure Rathaloses, Kendl as a Pink Rathian, Big Smoke as a Deviljho (obviously), Ryder as a Diablos (maybe), OG Loc as a Bazelgeuse, Cesar Vialpando as Diablos, Woozie as a Tobi Kadachi (maybe), Toreno as a Velkhana (maybe), Tenpenny as a Nergigante (maybe) etc. What other GTA SA character can you think of as monsters or Thinking what monsters you want to change and should fit for the characters that were chosen? Leave a reply for your opinions.
My opinion is that this is dumb. REALLY dumb.
I'm about to do my first quest and I'm pissing myself thinking about it, any tips?
hit it until it dies
kill it
There comes a point with Iceborne where the Handler becomes temporarily unavailable, when that happens, this quest also becomes unavailable. Might be worth adding that to a notes section on this page because it was confusing to know I'd done everything needed, but not have the quest available
Sooooo, trying to hunt a certianly red dog/cat/lizard thing and the ice pterodactyl when this *****er decides it’s lunch time after I find the pterodactyl. I proceed to spend about 35 minutes hammering this bastard with a nearly fully upgraded defender switch axe, and when he’s showing all the signs of being ready for capture, I realize “wait a *****in minute I have a trap and tranqs!” So I proceed to fry his brains out, watch him limp to his nest, fall asleep, and then plant a shock trap in his skull, finally tranqing him twice In the face annnnnd.....nothing? What? Oh maybe I didn’t do enough damage, next hit, no TAP ON HIS TAIL KILLS HIM! The ***** did I do wrong!? Did I need a net trap or something because of the low radius of the bombs?