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I found that baiting him to do a running attack is the best option, should be an easy parry
Is he immune to frenzy? I tried using the L2 on the Bloodletter several times but I never got him to frenzy.
Bloodletter causes frenzy to you, not to enemies you hit.
Use the Gatling gun plus Lead Elixir.
Strongest enemy I fought in Lords Of The Fallen, Nioh, The Surge and Bloodborne. It took me a whole week, it was the only thing I did during that week besides sleeping, eating and a shower. I have to say that I was nearly blind as I could only barely see with one eye and that eye has a fakton of miopia. I don't remember what I did to get that bastard. RIP Eileen
What level are you supposed to fight him at? I'm SL78 and killed him with the Hunter Axe+7 in three min with him only hitting me once. Am I too OP? Cause I wanted a tough fight.
humble brag alert
If you want a tougher fight, don't use the Hunter's axe. True for most enemies in Bloodborne.
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The hunter's axe is not OP, and especially not for this npc hunter.
I was hanging out with Miyazaki and he confirmed this NPC is broken, but he likes it like that and also the enemy gives you the best rewards in the game. So, confirmed broken. Everyone who says he's not is blind, deaf and dumb and should be left to their blissful ignorance before you push them down the stairs
I lured him down to the steps, once you're at the bottom he starts walking back and doesn't defend against Poison blades, chuck 3+ of those in and once he's at the top he'll start to attack you again. Fighting on the steps made it easier to back him into a corner, 3-4 hit combos and back off, bounce around, rinse and repeat. I used Tonitris, bolt seemed most effective. Lvl 95 with most stats around 30 except Edurance and Blood which were 18/14 respectively, didn't really focus my build unfortunately so a lot of scraping by in the game for me!
Found a glitch playing on unpatched, travel to the grand cathedral right after killing rom and this hunter kills himself and you finish the quest for free
Just parry it's not that hard Repeating pistol's a ***** tho
So after reading the page for this guy, i was fully prepared to get destroyed by him multiple times. Died twice in a row to chained gunfire, but did well before being annihilated. Third try i killed him no problem. Char lvl 71, arcane build. The easy, no nonsense, safe and fast way i found for taking him down was the beast cutter- he simply does not understand how to deal with the transformed r2. Stay locked on, walk backwards, and he'll follow you. Keep him on the far edge of the r2's hit box. Use r2. He wont dodge a majority of the time, he just walks into it and eats it. Old hunters bone? R2. Throws something? R2. Just dodge when he dodges to avoid the pew pew spew, and then yeah.. R2. Did not intend to cheese him, but when I realized it was working without any effort i just kept going with it. So there you are- if you don't feel like stair cheesing etc, you can always just, well, r2..