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forever alonne
This boss is clearly bugged. His impales have a 360 degree hitbox that should not be possible (I know this for a fact because I was behind him, and still got hit by the impale, my character was "teleported" to his front and got impaled also many times when I dodged to the side clearly before the attack landed, as my character got teleported to where they were to his front in similar fashion). There is no combo variation. When he is not impaling, he is thrusting away his sword then runs to the far end of the room where he can still got you again with his thrust. Rinse repeat. There is also no parry against him. One of the most bugged and uninspired bosses of the soul series. Just another big dude with a sword again as usual for DS2, only this one is also bugged. I'm glad Miyazaki San got management again in DS3 and fixed this ramshackle mess of a game as it were.
But did you try getting good?
Every time someone gets whiny and writes them ~magical words~ (Souls Series), anyone can easily tell this is just another hater who knows nothing about being good at games, let alone being good at learning how to play DarkSouls2.
Killed him with a Greatsword+10 and Havel Greatshield+5. No armor.
That's cool, but I don't remember asking. Also, having a havel's greatshield is more than enough to compensate for no armour, so idk what are you trying to prove here, except for being a *****
How would armor even be helpful for this fight? it just makes you fatroll and regen slower
I need assistance with this boss to go Platinum - PS4 - Fesaleo . Thxs
Anyone free to help on ng++? PSN Jason_Johnstone
best fight in the game boys, too bad it has the worst runback imo (yes more than reindeer *****land)
Agree, at least Reindeer Land is kinda fun if you have 3 npc summons like I did. lol.
It's pretty easy if you take it carefully. Bait one knight, kill. Snipe the lizards. Boom
hellow people im doing the boss right now if anyone would kindly place your somminig sighn down thanks
oigan tengo una duda, mate al rey de hierro, y dicen que te suelta una llave que te ayuda a seguir con la zona, pero a donde tengo que ir ahora y aparte no me dio esa llave que dicen
tienes que ir a la hoguera al sector del "vestibulo" ahí a la izquierda, cerca de donde activaste la palanca hay un ascensor el cual te lleva a una puerta que tienes que abrir con la llave.
hey I have a question, kill the iron king, and they say that he loosens a key that helps you to continue with the area, but where do I have to go now and apart he did not give me that key that they say
He doesn’t drop the key the the dlc if thats what your talking about. You get the key to the dlc from the fire lizard area in the Forest of Fallen Giants. I hope that helps
To access this DLC there are actually two keys. The first key is in the castle, on the ground after the big double doors you open. You have to either turn off the fire or tank the fire damage from that dragon statue to pick it up.

You then take that key to where you fought the Fallen Giant. There's a door right near where the boss was. The second key can be found by completing this area. It's this second key you need for the DLC.
Can anyone assist me with this guy? I'm on ps4 with 10 mil soul memory. My psn is LaKrias
Hi mate lastkingazz here. I’m trying to get him down too, add me I will be on tmoz I need this for the last trophy ( the pyromancy you get from the dlc )