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The amount of ppl who gets parried by this is surprisingly high
Garbage underpowered weapon. Don't waste your souls, titanite scales or time with this weapon. Should've been buffed a long time ago.
nah deals like 654 damage with a quality build shut the ***** up
If you spam DEX instead of STR your damage output will get moronic. Especially once your start chaining your attacks properly.
Fighting gael with this, THIS IS SOME SERIOUS ANIME*****!
This weapon is for idiots who think they know how to play Dark Souls
You’re quite one of those idiots who think themself smart
Yeah, just massacre everything with mighty*****ty straight sword even on pvp they stand NO CHANCE!!
Or for people who like to have fun and*****around,sir elitest
Gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8
You're not just wrong, you're stupid and you're ugly, just like your mum!
remember lads, its a weapon for idiots if its got fun stuff going on
I tend to find when using it I accidentally dodge attacks because of the low profile of your character during the L1s, it's great
Using wa swap with the bow glitch, this weapon seems to have an unique stomp attack, wich is the same stomp -> stab the boss does
I saw this today in an invasion, how do you do it?
Spam spin to win



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The Farron Greatsword deals 20% bonus damage against the following enemies: Pus of Man, Darkwraith, Monstrosity of Sin, Harald Legion Knight, Enemies with Red Eyes. The Farron Greatsword deals 20% bonus damage against the following bosses: High Lord Wolnir, Aldrich, Devourer of Gods, Dragonslayer Armour, Iron Dragonslayer (Mini Boss), Darkeater Midir. I think these are all the "Abyssal Enemies". Feel free to correct me if I forgot any. I still have my doubts with Iudex Gundyr in his second phase. Does he becomes weak to Farron Greatsword when he transforms?



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Lil' bit late but yes, it does affect gundyr in his 2nd phase from what I'm seeing.
You'll never catch me, invader, not when I shift in to.... MAXIMUM OVERSPIN!!