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Later in R&D she will also be in a Pipe near the refill-station/Shortcut. You wont get the techscrap Option tho, Just the one with her weapon
Ffs. Utopia loading Bay is supposed to be that? XD Went to Nucleus to be at uropias Launchpad and missed that, thx. Xd
Turns out it *****s the questline if you kill Hobbes yourself. She says you can have anything in her hideout and doesn't ask for the 15k scrap, meaning you can't get the achievement.
Not killing NPCs is kind of important in soulslike games...
How am I supposed to talk to Hobbs about Micky? The conversational options are not coming up. Gave Jo tech scrap the first two times that I met her, took the hammer from her lair, did not give it back to her at the third meeting. Where/when am I supposed to get the conversation options?
You don't encounter Jo in R&D, that is just a prerecorded message she put with her security system.
Fml, I was trying out moves with the Firebug-dropped weapon, did the fire spin attack, and accidentally burned Hobbes to death. Don’t practice moves near friendly NPC’s.