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Seems a bit anticlimactic. I was planning to backstab them when I saw that I could pickpocket their phase capacitor. A bit too easy. Even the great guardian went down through this.
I soul consumed the bird before entering the arena
nice bro
guardian only worth 83k now, also last sentinel gave 0 exp when it died along with guardian. DE. Two divine pieces of loot however, that much is true.
As per 2020 on DE, i simply focused the Guardian, when he died they all died at the same time as many time said, EXP was: 27,900 x 4 for the Sentinels and 55,800 for the Guardian. So total of 167,400 XP for focusing the Guardian.
I didn't even know that there was a spirit from the dead bird, i just ran into the arena and easily killed it with air-spells (their weakness) in the hopes of getting more phase-conductors.. i now am in the arx so i cant be "the one" apparently
The fight is easy, even on Tactician, once you get past his alpha strike. If you have potions (fire + air) you can use them to tank their alpha strike. After that, you can burst the Guardian easily in 2 turns
I also thought those Reflectors had some use, but once i figured it out, the fight was over.
I find this fight beyond the capability of my team. The GG has 3k health, 2k armor, and 1-3k Magic armor. The five enemies melt my tank, even with two 75% air and fire probs to start with.
I figured something has to do with the mirror, thanks to SCHOLAR tag. Some kind of disabling the boss, I'm sure. I pan the camera, and spot the battery slot on the back. I don't have invis potion on me, so sneaking to the back was fairly intense. I was spotted just before reaching the slot, but my Rogue has big movespeed, and with all the mirrors already aligned, his full starting turn is spent setting up the permastun beam. Then the GG goes "autobots, release me!" and I went all out on Aero source skills on the minions, finally leaving the GG permastunned for the last. P fun fight.
No need to fight just get your thief to sneak round behind it and pickpocket the phase capacitor full fight and all xp given with no effort
Interacting with the reflectors doesn't break stealth, so if you have one person remain in stealth when the fighting begins, you can get every reflector turned the right way except for the one in front of the Great Guardian, and also start the beam, all while your first party member is acting, or even before the fight starts if you want.
Remember to talk to the bird afterwards with the same character that started the quest, you wont get the option to become "the one" otherwise.
I played through this game twice before, but it’s been a while. Is there any reason why there are eternal reflectors in the arena with the robots? I don’t remember and when I search the question anywhere it doesn’t give a specific answer. I was mainly curious.
"If you are having difficulty with this fight, there are Eternal Reflectors in the room that can be moved, with a phase conductor that is located behind the Great Guardian. Placing a Phase Capacitor on the conductor can shoot a beam forwards onto the reflectors. Directing the beam at the boss will stun it and keep its magic armor at 0 for as long as the beam is focused on it."