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Anyone know what the amulet represents on the chest piece?
stats are good compared to its weight ratio. Just only slightly lower than Havels.
276 killed and I was using coins. 11 luck (stock for warriors.) 1 single chest piece.
The drop on the helmet is stupid rare. I've been farming Cathedral Knights for like 2 hours with 222 item discovery and still no helmet.
I have three do you want one?
I've literally gotten nothing but helmets from them...
I got soooo lucky farming these guys. I got the helm, gauntlets, leggings and a twin titanite shard from one guy, and the torso from another
As far as im concerned the cathedral set chest is just the single best chest in the entire game, super high poise and physical protection stats, and a fair amount of other protections with a reasonable weight requirement. Even on twink characters i wear cathedral chest just for how good it is
No Saracens shall escape my sight.