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*teleports behind you*
"Nothing personal kid"
"Working as intended"
LOL! I thought I discovered something great and new when I found out that one of the dogs is pregnant
I have a theory why these things seem to teleport. When an enemy is out of your camera view, it moves in less frames. And because the dogs move so FRECKIN fast it is possible that the game can't handle their correct distance. I've seen dogs teleport in front of me falling a meter from above ground. Another good example is the dragonslayer Armour in the ringed city. If you run away from it to where midir breathes fire on the bridge and just peak behind you once in a while, you can see the armour going into a falling state sometimes. Knowing this you can use it as your advantage or just screw yourself over. I sadly learned that when I've been chased by a cathedral knight in consumed kings garden. You can outrun them when you are NOT facing them, but if you give them all their animated frames, they catch up pretty quickly. So, what have we learned? Miyazaki uses frame hacks to screw us with teleporting dogs and low frame chasing Knights.
This doesn't explain why they sometimes teleport when you're looking directly at them, though.
they NEVER teleports when ur looking at they. Try it, it just don't happen. they "teleport" if they aren't in the screen
nothing like a swarm of dogs with 450 hp to ruin your day
Why does Irithyllian Beast-hound not have it's own entry? It either links back to this or it gives a 404 error. It's an individual creature with a different design. It should have it's own page.
It's pretty much just a re-skin. The page probably should mention that some of them can cause frostbite, though...
*** stunlocker
I still remember my first time playing through that area in irithyll where you face a pack of 2 dogs and then a pack of 3 dogs. I died at least 15 times to those dogs. I was using farron greatsword and abyss watcher armour, which I now realize has no poise at all. On top of this, Farron greatsword L1's first dagger hit actually knocks these dogs 3-4 meters back, causing the actual L1 to miss entirely. Absolutely fury inducing.
In subsequent playthroughs I learnt to just use perseverance WA. Their attacks bounce off you and they get stunned as if you were holding a shield.

**** these guys
If you don't target them, you are dead.